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During Perimenopause and Menopause I gained 35 pounds / 16 Kilos, developed insomnia and mood swings. Everyday I would go through a roller coaster of emotions that caused my kids and husband to constantly live on eggshells because they didn't know what mood to expect from me. I felt very frustrated and unsupported for many years. Since starting Yoga Therapy my life has changed so much! I feel much more calm and grounded, I started losing weight, I don't feel nearly as irritated anymore and my sleep had dramatically improved. When I started I had very low expectations but Yoga Therapy helped me getting my life back and I feel like a brand new person now. Everybody is very professional and experienced at Samprasada and I highly recommend working with Melania!

Annalisa Longhi
Annalisa LonghiClient

My husband and I both suffered from Long Covid. I had a constant dull headache and severe muscle weakness while my husband felt a debilitating fatigue. The Yoga Therapy treatment pathway that was recommended has proved being tremendously helpful for us both, week after week we experienced increased strength, mental clarity and better lungs capacity. I still continue to take weekly classes with Melania as I just love the profound changes that I am experiencing in my body and in my mind and I highly suggest Samprasada to everyone suffering from the long term effects of this horrendous disease or just looking for an experienced Yoga Therapist.

Sara Ingeman
Sara IngemanClient

Melania, thank you for your always gentle but profoundly knowledgeable guidance. Practicing Yoga with you always help me immensely when my PMDD depression flares up. Your program is awesome and the way it is tailored around my monthly cycle always provides exactly what my body and my mind needs at that precise time. I was fortunate to find out about Samprasada by chance and now the coping skills I learned together with the meditation techniques feel like life saviors to me, therefore I will be forever grateful for the amazing benefits and the well being I am experiencing. I definitely recommend working with her should you suffer from any kind of depression!

Hanae Nurit
Hanae NuritClient

After the birth of my second son, postpartum depression hit me very hard. It was completely unexpected and affected me severely from one day to another. My friend suggested Yoga Therapy and after a long research I decided to start treatment with Melania which turned out being one of the best decisions of my life! She immediately tailored a program that fit exactly my needs and her expertise allowed her to recognize precisely how to handle the situation. Not only my PPD felt much more manageable with the help of Yoga Therapy but with time Yoga became a daily habit and I can now feel so many further benefits! Melania is extremely competent in her field and I always felt 100% better after each one of our sessions.

Jennifer Hunter
Jennifer HunterClient