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    Samprasada Yoga RATES

    Private Class Yoga session

    Private classes allow 1-on-1 training to archive the best results as each program is tailored around the client’s specific needs and ailments. They also offer more flexibility in terms of time and privacy. Together, we’ll work specifically on your health goals using the best Yoga / Yoga Therapy practices to serve you, you’ll learn more quickly, go deeper with personal attention & training.
    It is possible to organize couples private classes for the same price as regular individual classes.
    Classes are held in person or via Zoom video call.

    1 Class

    ANG 105,00 / $ 59.00

    6 Classes Pack

    (One class per week)

    ANG 567,00 / $ 318.00

    10% OFF

    12 Classes Pack

    (Two classes per week)

    ANG 1008,00 / $ 566.00

    20% OFF

    Small Group Yoga session

    The Group Yoga Classes we offer at Samprasada are a wonderful way to work together towards a mutual goal and build an inspirational support system in a more affordable setting.
    We keep all Groups very small in order to maintain the therapeutic aspect of the lessons and still offer a highly personalized experience that delivers powerful results in a greatly motivating environment.

    1 Class

    ANG 35,00 / $ 20.00

    6 Classes Package Deal


    (One class per week)

    186 ANG / $ 102.00

    15% OFF

    12 Classes Package Deal

    (Two classes per week)

    339 ANG / $ 192.00

    20% OFF

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