Why Curaçao?

Did you know that there is only one country in the whole world that it’s called “the Island of Wellness”?  The name “Curaçao” has a very particular meaning and a beautiful history. Let’s discover it, going back to the fifteenth century, 26th July 1499.
Curaçao was officially discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, along with Amerigo Vespucci and Juan de la Cosa. The conquerors hoped and expected to find gold and silver on this island, but there was none. They then decided to name the island ‘Islas Inutiles’ (useless islands). Due to the long journey many sailors were sick from scorbutus and other diseases, weak, and dying on board. Amerigo Vespucci left the sick sailors to die on the island and departed to South and Central America. When he returned he was astonished to see that the same ill sailors, whom they had left behind to die, were on shore and greeting them in brilliant health.
They healed because of the abundance of fresh fruit, as well as the powerful healing promoting energy of the island.
Since then the island was renamed to ‘Coração’ from the Portuguese word meaning heart. Cura-ção means ‘healing / heart’Curaçao the island for ‘healing of heart and soul’.
Curaçao has become the holistic health Mecca of the Caribbean, it is believed to have the ability to transform lives. The beauty of the island automatically recalibrate our sense of wonder. Makes us embrace the spectacular and accept the astonishing. This is a place that inspires, recharges, uplifts, soothes, restores and so much more.
Curaçao captures you and takes you through a process of releasing the old and ushering in the new. It is also a place that amplifies all your emotions and experiences. It confronts your deepest truths. The journey is cleansing, healing, and purifying in nature and guides you back to the energy of your heart and spirit.