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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

YOGA THERAPIES FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY There are many mechanisms by which Yoga Therapy provides a profound impact on depression and anxiety. The main two types of mechanisms are: cognitive/affective and biologic. First, in a Yoga Therapy class, a student is directed to focus his/her attention to present-moment thoughts, feelings, and body sensations in a […]

Yoga for Weight Loss
and Hormonal Imbalance

YOGA THERAPIES FOR WEIGHT LOSS / HORMONAL IMBALANCE The prevalence of obesity worldwide is rising, especially in developing countries and newly industrialized countries and hormonal imbalances is one of the predominant causes of it. The point prevalence is higher in women (15%) than in men (11%). Especially abdominal obesity—an unfavorable accumulation of fat around the […]

Yoga for Perimenopause
and Menopause

YOGA THERAPIES FOR PERIMENOPAUSE / MENOPAUSE Though menopause itself is simply the moment that menstruation stops, the transition generally takes several years. This phase is called perimenopause and typically occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55. During perimenopause, fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels can trigger a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. Among the […]