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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

May 28, 2021


There are many mechanisms by which Yoga Therapy provides a profound impact on depression and anxiety.

The main two types of mechanisms are: cognitive/affective and biologic. First, in a Yoga Therapy class, a student is directed to focus his/her attention to present-moment thoughts, feelings, and body sensations in a non-judgmental way. This practice of mindfulness, when weaved into the everyday life, helps to focus on the current experience, rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. Further, the emphasis on a non-judgmental approach may help to decrease self-criticism. Learning to attend to current experience, including current thoughts and feelings, can also teach one that thoughts and feelings are transient mental events, and that negative (and positive) feelings will fluctuate and change. Mindfulness-based therapies have a demonstrated impact on depression and anxiety symptoms.

Yoga Therapy based practices serve to regulate the autonomic nervous system. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction is associated with depression and anxiety. Yoga practices may modify underactivity of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and GABA systems in part through stimulation of the vagus nerves, which are the primary peripheral pathway of the PNS.
There is some research to suggest that yoga does indeed increase PNS activity and increase GABA levels in the thalamus, and that these increases are correlated with improved mood. Researchers have also established that Yoga has a positive impact on related biologic pathways. Yoga reduces hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activation.
Finally, there is evidence Yoga serves to decrease inflammation. Change in these biologic pathways affects the underlying pathophysiology of depression and anxiety.

Yoga for Depression / Anxiety in Small Group Classes is offered every Friday at:

  • 15 PM CEST Central European Standard Time
  • 14 PM BST British Summer Time
  • 17 PM GST Gulf Standard Time
  • 18.30 PM IST India Standard Time
  • 9 PM HKT Hong Kong Time
  • 6 AM PDT Pacific Daylight Time
  • 9 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Please note that we keep our group class small therefore we would suggest to book your presence in time as places are limited.
To confirm your presence please send us a message via email or contact form below.

Thank you and see you very soon on Zoom!


    May 28, 2021